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SCHEDULE G Form 1120 Rev. December 2011 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Information on Certain Persons Owning the Corporation s Voting Stock See instructions on page 2. Ii Identifying Number if any Cat. No. 52684S iii Country of Citizenship see in Voting Stock Schedule G Form 1120 Rev. 12-2011 Page 2 General Instructions Purpose of Form Use Schedule G Form 1120 to provide information applicable to certain entities individuals and estates that own directly 20 or more or...
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Let's explore this problem it asks us to determine taxable income and we have to use schedule m1 from a form 1120 okay the following information is for the 2014 Sparrow corporation results and Sparrow corporation is a calendar year accrual-based taxpayer so here's what we know to the left of my mouse there you can see the net income for books is a hundred and seventy four thousand one hundred dollars the federal income tax expense for the books is eighty six thousand six hundred tax-exempt interest it's four thousand five hundred and makers depreciation and excess of straight-line depreciation used for financial statement purposes with seven thousand two hundred dollars now the excess of capital loss over capital gains was nine thousand four hundred there was a non-deductible meals and entertainment amount of five thousand five hundred that we see on sparrows books and interest on a loan to purchase tax-exempt bonds was eleven hundred dollars now based on that information were to use schedule m1 on form 1120 and we're going to determine sparrows taxable income for 2014 okay now I've realigned the screen so that we still have the base information here although it's a lot smaller and here's how we would tackle this one we start off with net income per books that was the 174 one hundred and then we have to add in items that would that would decrease net income per the books but do not effect taxable income okay and the federal income tax expense per books would be the first item we would list and then we need to also add in the excess of capital loss over the capital gains add the interest paid on the loan incurred to purchase tax-exempt bonds and add in non-deductible meals and entertainment that will give us a subtotal on and then we need to subtract out items that increase net income per books but didn't affect the taxable income and those items would be the 4,500 of the tax-exempt interest income and then and then the excess of makers over book depreciation okay and once we have all this information listed as what needs to be added and subtracted we can derive taxable income and that's what they've asked us to do on this problem